Bioimage Analysis Courses/Conferences for 2016?

I was hoping some of you could recommend some good courses/conferences for quantitative bioimage analysis this upcoming year ?? Would be quite helpful for me to have a centralized list of options… perhaps for others as well.

Many thanks.


Trying to create and maintain such a list might be a herding cats problem.

That said, here are a few I know about, or saw mentioned on mailing lists in the past:

Not all of these are 2016. It might be worth asking on the ImageJ and confocalmicroscopy mailing lists as well, since many of the people involved in such workshops & conferences do not read this forum.


That might be a good opportunity to get more people switch over to the forum: by making this list post a Wiki, pinning this topic, and trying to keep the list of conferences up to date.


This was just posted on the confocal list: Cold Spring Harbor’s Quantitative Imaging course in April 2016, which covers microscopy as well as analysis.

Hope this helps!

It makes me uneasy to have both the “normal” ImageJ wiki as well as forum-based wiki pages. Why not just organize the main ImageJ wiki in a sensible way?

the best option would be to add a page to the ImageJ wiki regarding recommended courses/conferences… no? to simply list out those recommended by the community… but would need lots of updates, etc. (i could do this myself if people think it would be helpful) or we keep it simple - and leave things here on the forum.

Also - I’m a huge fan of what @imagejan said regarding advertising the forum again on the listserv… we should do that regardless! now that there are over 200 users on here… and the responses have been amazing.

Sure! See these pages which already exist:

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a new page is currently being added to the Image J wiki… for Upcoming Events

Hope this is helpful to others !!!


Dear All,

we are planning an edition of the ImageJ User and Developer Conference in 2016, but no dates are fixed yet. I will add them to the wiki page, once I know more.

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Awesome, @andreasjahnen! Very happy to hear this is still going to move forward!

Hi Ellen,

We are planning EMBL BIAS 2016 course, dedicated only for bioimage analysis using ImageJ and Matlab. I will post the URL in this thread when its website becomes ready.