Bioformats in Matlab - JAI Error

I am running into an issue with bioformats in MATLAB and keep getting the following message:

“Error using bfGetReader (line 85)
Java exception occurred:
loci.formats.MissingLibraryException: Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) is required to read some TIFF files. Please install JAI from

I found on the Bioformats for MATLAB website:
" Troubleshooting

If you encounter an error trying to open JPEG-2000 data in MATLAB but the file will open e.g. in Fiji using Bio-Formats, it may be due to conflicting versions of JAI ImageIO in different JARs. As discussed on the component page, JAI ImageIO is no longer maintained and you will likely need to remove the conflicting JAR(s) as a workaround."

I am not clear on how to proceed. Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you!

This sounds like it is likely due to conflicting versions of JAI. If you run the below command does that give you the location of a JAR?