Bioformats Import of image sequence

I cannot get Bioformats to open a simple two channel image sequence in a folder. It opens either one channel or one image depending on which boxes I check, but won’t open both channel sequences. My recollection is that it should work with only “split channels” selected. I am running v6.6 on a Mac in Fiji. The images are named differently and in numerical sequence. This used to work perfectly and the images open fine with Open Image Sequence so I know there is nothing wrong with the image sequence.

Hi @daknecht, sorry for the late reply. The option you are looking for is Group files with similar names, the dialog will try to autodetect any other files in the sequence but if it is not successful you can try using the Pattern option with a name such as /path/to/mySequence/myImageName_C<0-1>.tiff which would combine myImageName_C0.tiff and myImageName_C1.tiff for example.

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Hi David- Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does work with Group files with similar names checked, but I get a dialog box I have never seen before that says “File Stitching Options are not available for files in this format. Files will be grouped…” Stitch files is not checked. Dave

Glad to hear it is working. The dialog box is expected for certain formats, depending on the format used the options available for grouping will differ, for some formats they must be grouped in a specific way and that is when you will see that dialog.