[BioFormats] import bioformats Maven version

Hi to all,
I am facing a problem developing ImageJ 1.x plugin with Eclipse starting by the mavenized minimal project

I am trying to set-up the dependecies of BioFormats but doesn’t understand what I have to select;
I have to kind of problem:

  1. don’t find the right dependecies to import: import ome.units.quantity.Length;
  2. don’t understand if I am importing the right version of bioformats/loci plugins; when I search here http://maven.imagej.net/index.html#welcome, I find the 4.4.10 that for example doesn’t have

So maybe I am wronging something…
Thank you,
Emanuele Martini

Searching for the class name ome.units.quantity.Length lists various artifacts, of which ome-xml 5.1.6 seems to be the latest.

Concerning DebugTools, a quick search on search.imagej.net brought me to the javadoc of loci.common.DebugTools, which is in formats-common 5.1.6

@ctrueden or @hinerm might be able to provide more details concerning the naming of bio-formats artifacts.

Regarding which version to import: I would encourage you to extend the Fiji Bill of Materials—i.e.:


Doing this (instead of extending pom-imagej) will inherit all the pom-imagej version management, but also management for all Fiji components including the Bio-Formats libraries.

Then, you won’t have to declare the version numbers explicitly.

Please read the Architecture page for an explanation of why this is important.

@imagejan @ctrueden
Thank you for your help,
see you
Emanuele Martini