BIOFORMAT problem, common.jar not found

I cannot open czi files. I have been having a problem with FIJI for two weeks and try to download again and adding my plugins. Everything seems running but when I tried to open the czi files I received a message error (see image attached)
Then I when I go to the website of openmicroscopy and download the format-common.jar file nothing happened and still cannot be opened the files.
Aby suggestion, I would really appreciated
Thank you


If you check your installation for the folder jars/bio-formats what all jars do you see in it?
It looks like it is missing ome-common.jar. Do you know what version of Bio-Formats you have installed?

Thank you, David. I had the last version of bio format so that was strange.
Nevertheless, at the end I solved the problem downloading again Fiji and now the error is gone.
Thank you

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