Bioformat and FIJI do not open CZI Zeiss file

I tried to open a czi file that I was opening without issue before and now FIJI show me an error.
Please, see error attached.
I used Mojave OSX and I updated FIJI. I do not know how to solve the problem.
If someone can guide me to a solution I will really appreciate.
Thank you in advance

Have you tried the BioFormats importer Plugin (in the Plugins menu) instead of dragging and dropping the file? Does that give you the same error?

Yes, I tried. However, I think something was wrong with that particular file that I wanted to open because I tried with other CZI file and bio format worked. Although, Still I do not know what is it about this error. Thank you

The next thing I would check is if it opens in Zen (or the free Zen Lite). That might give you some sort of information about whether the file has been corrupted (either by transfer across the network, incomplete saving before closing Zen, etc).

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