BiofilmQ would like to join as a community partner

Dear @team,

we developed and recently published a tool called BiofilmQ, which is suited to segment, analyse and visualize data from Bio-Images and we would like to join as a community partner. The program is written in Matlab, and both the source code as well as a compiled version can be downloaded from our website.

We advertise as the main forum to seek support and advice in our documentation. I would be happy to be the community representative.

We are excited to share this tool with the community and hope it will be useful for a lot of people.

Thank you,


This is our logo:


You are all set @BiofilmQ !!! Welcome to the community!

You can include the ‘biofilmq’ tag in the links to the forum from your website and documentation page … I could not find a link/mention of the forum on your docs page though. Did I miss it?

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thank you so much :smiley:

We originally included the link under “Contact us” in the Documentation, however, I agree that this is easy to overlook, so we put it more prominently now (see screenshot below, from this page ).





That’s great! But the link goes to your user account… try this guy:

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Ah, I see. Thank you :+1: