BiofilmQ_MCR.exe command prompt error

BiofilmQ admin,

I have installed the downloadable file (w/ and without MATLAB runtime/compiler) on multiple Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers.

However, whenever I try to execute BiofilmQ in each computer and operating system, this error occurs in the command prompt.

Is there anyway to remedy this?

Much appreciated,


Hi L,

when did you download this BiofilmQ version? I could not reproduce your error, but I know we had an issue like that with a release a couple of weeks ago, which was corrected with the latest release v0.2.1. Try downloading the latest version from our website ( and re-installing it. If the problem persists, please let me know.

By the way - we are also planning to upload a new release by the end of this week, which will include a few more global measurements, it might be worth waiting for that one to go online. In any case it is always worth checking for newer versions every once in a while and updating your BiofilmQ (you do not need to uninstall fist). We´re still actively working on improvements and new features and trying to include suggestions from users.