Bio7 2.7 Released



A new version of Bio7 is available.

The application Bio7 is an integrated development environment for ecological modeling scientific image analysis and statistical analysis.

This release includes a plethora of new features and improvements for the R editor, RShell, RMarkdown editor and the ImageJ plugin.

The release notes can be found here:

Screenshot with the R ImageJ Analysis perspective:


I recently discovered on a high dpi (Retina) enabled 13’’ notebook that the latest release for MacOSX is not displayed in high dpi but in a lower resolution. So I uploaded a new fixed version for MacOSX.

To fix an already downloaded version of Bio7 you have to open open the / file with a text editor (right-click on, execute ‘Show Package Contents’ and open ‘/Contents/Info.plist’) and add the following lines before </dict> tag:


To update the Info.plist you have to open the console and execute the following command (default install directory - shell command is one line!):

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -v -f /Applications/

Here some screenshots from before and after the fix applied (zoom in for details):




I released a new bugfix release for MacOSX which also updates ImageJ to the latest version.

  • Updated ImageJ to version 1.51v1
  • Improved the import of Java projects (No annoying dialog anymore)
  • Improved the execution of Shiny apps (No dialog when stopping the server)
  • Fixed several bugs and possible deadlocks regarding the swt_awt bridge and the OpenGL panel
  • Fixed a swt_awt key listener bug (ImageJ panel)
  • Fixed a Mac bug in the R editor color dialog (hoover dialog of name R colors)
  • Fonts for Swing can be corrected for Retina displays (Bio7 ImageJ preferences - ‘-6’ for Retina displays fits well)
  • Bio7 editors and the Bio7 Workspace will be automatically saved before application shutdown

Download the latest MacOSX version here: