Bio7 2.6 with ImageJ for Linux, Windows and MacOSX Released



Dear ImageJ users,

A new version of Bio7 is available.

The application Bio7 is an integrated development environment for ecological modelling, scientific image analysis and statistical analysis. Beside many different tools it contains a complete Graphical User Interface for R and ImageJ as an Eclipse plugin.

The application itself is based on an RCP-Eclipse-Environment (Rich-Client-Platform) which offers a huge flexibility in configuration and extensibility because of its plug-in structure and the possibility of customization.

New ImageJ related features:

  • Updated ImageJ to version 1.51r
  • Bio7 now integrates a fully featured ImageJ macro editor with debugging support
  • Added a new ImageJ Edit perspective (see screenshot below with opened macro editor)

  • Reestablished the Bio7 editor support for the Python (PyDev) and Groovy editor plugin which means that you can install this Eclipse plugins in Bio7 and call the Bio7 actions to interpret the code in the current Java process (please note that Bio7 app comes by default with a simple Jython/Python editor).
    See this JavaScript editor video how you can install and use a supported Eclipse editor plugin (JavaScript, Groovy, Jython).

  • Improved the dark theme of Bio7 (see screenshot below)

The complete release notes and installation instructions can be found here:


The MacOSX version of Bio7 2.6 is now available, too.

(Screenshots: Bio7 with Dark theme enabled. Scrollbars are set to “When scrolling” in the preferences.)


Download and execute the *.dmg file from

If you start Bio7 a warning or error can occur because of the changes how Apple treats signatures! To allow Bio7 to start see this instructions for Yosemite and Sierra:

OS X Yosemite: Open an app from an unidentified developer

macOS Sierra: Open an app from an unidentified developer

If you have still problems with Sierra see this solution!

For more Installation details (R and Rserve), see the complete release notes:

Release Notes MacOSX