Bio(S)TEM conference Invitation, 23-24 of April 2020

Hi users. My name is Karol Malota from University of Silesia in Poland. In my first (but I think not last) post in this forum I had a pleasure to invite you for a Bio(S)TEM conferenc which aims to:

  • focuse on all electron microscopy methods used in Biological Sciences, both SEM and TEM as well as all modifications of these methods, including 3D Electron Microscopy;
  • bring together scientists and researchers to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Electron Microscopy, so some different panels e.g. Botanical, Animal and Human sciences will be organized;
  • to present and discuss the most recent trends in Electron Microscopy;
  • focus on a friendly atmosphere, non-official discussions leading to building cooperation and high quality of presented science.

BioS(T)EM Conference will be held in Poland between the 23-24 of April 2020. It is planned to be organized in the old and Worldwide unique coal mine named as Guido Mine in Zabrze (about 20 km from Katowice, the capital of Silesia, and about 35 km from Pyrzowice Airport). Therefore, the Conference will take place about 300 meters underground. About 90 participants are planned, so pre-selection of abstracts will be conducted. Detailed information will be provided soon and we also encourage to contact us via e-mail-

Any additional information can be found at our website