Bio-Formats xml/hdf5 reader performance

@dgault I am trying to load a 2TB xml/h5 BdvFunctions file into ImageJ via Bio-Formats. I, of course, only want to load a rather small pyramid level which is only few MB. The issue I have is that the selection UI for the resolution level does not appear. The fact that you are showing thumbnails indicates to me that your are accessing the voxel data when building the UI. For huge files this might be, apparently, too slow (because smaller files I can open much faster). Is there a way to disable the thumbnail production (e.g. as a checkbox in the UI)?

Theres no way to disable it through the UI at the moment though that is certainly a good idea. Running a macro that specifies the series as below might be one option as a workaround in the short term

run("Bio-Formats Importer", "open=[/path/to/file.xml] color_mode=Composite series_4");


Similar issue here. Loading a Leica .lif file takes forever due to the thumbnails. I still need the UI to work out which image(s) are the ones that I want to open, so a script like the one you suggest wouldn’t work for me. However, I can tell the correct images by their names and dimensions, without the thumbnails. An option to switch off thumbnails would be great.

Thanks for the feedback Guy, I could definitely see that being useful to have the option to disable the thumbnails. I have opened a GitHub Issue to note the feature request