Bio-formats, .msr, Imspector


In the list of supported bio formates it said that stacks .msr files from Imspector should be opened by ImageJ, however I was not able to do that. I managed to open only single frame image.

I have updated my version of ImageJ and still failed. I have samples of 2 types of files wich I can not open:

Could you please help me to resolve this problem?

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Hi Yulia,

I can certainly reproduce what you are seeing with the sample files you provided. Can you tell me what version of Imspector you are using as the latest versions are not yet supported in Bio-Formats. If it is a supported version then I will open a Bio-Formats bug tracking ticket to look into this issue.

With Thanks,
David Gault

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Dear David,

thank you for your reply. I use Imspectorpro 477, 32-bit version.


Hi Yulia

Thanks for providing the version info and my apologies for the long delay in response, I must have missed the reply notification in my inbox.

As Im able to reproduce the issue as expected with the sample files you uploaded I have created a Bio-Formats ticket to track this issue -


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