Bio-Formats Library Info Message Using Java 14

I use the Bio-Formats library with AdoptJDK 14.0.1. When I open the importer a dialog occurs that Bio-Formats requires Java 1.8 and later.

I can only guess that Java 14 is not supported, yet or not tested for Java 14.

Tested on Windows and Mac with ImageJ 1.53c62.

This looks like a bug in the Importer, Java 1.8 is the minimum version but it should allow you to run on anything later. We are currently checking with the IJ.isJava18() method, which is essentially checking:
isJava18 = version.compareTo("1.7")>0;

This check will need to be updated to allow for later versions. I will try to have a fix in place for the upcoming 6.5.1 release.


This bug is fixed in the ImageJ 1.53d5 daily build. The IJ.isJava18() method was incorrectly returning ‘false’ when running Java 14 or later.