Bio-formats importer, images title contain whole directory path sequence

Dear all,
I am running with my macro the Bio-formats importer, but when my images open they contain, instead of only the name of the file, the whole directory path (C:/user/…).
I just want the name of the file. How I can indicate Fiji to avoid typing the whole directory path?

I’m not sure what all of these are exactly but check your configuration, I wonder if index is on and if that is full path name

%s: series index
%n: series name
%c: channel index
%w: channel name
%z: Z index
%t: T index
%A: acquisition timestamp

Does not work, I tried to changed them.

No problem Looks like I stumbled on your cross linked post. I went to go find this post to respond to your other one.

So first, when I use the macro recorder to open a file on my machine, I am not seeing the square brackets after open= in the commend you typed originally, what happens if you remove these?

If that doesn’t solve the problem let me try to walk you through this code
The first line defines a variable for the directory of files you are looking at

This line makes a variable “list” that is a list of all the files in the directory you pointed to

Then you tell the computer with what is called a “for loop” to do something one at time for as long as a condition is true. In this case, for each file in the list
for (f=0; f<list.length; f++) {

Now we combine the directory and file to get the fill path name and make this a variable
path = dir1+list[f];

Now open the file using bioformats importer
run(“Bio-Formats Importer”, “open=[path] autoscale color_mode=Composite split_channels view=Hyperstack stack_order=XYCZT series_”+s);

If at this point, hopefully it works, with just the file name but if its still the entire path, I can try to walk you through renaming it

you could add other code here if needed
then you need to close the for loop

Let me know if that isn’t clear and I’ll try again

Many thanks for all the explanations, know is super clear. I appreciate you took the time to explain it. I will try it now.