Bio-Formats import .CR2 with wrong resolution

Dear all,

I need to import some canon (.CR2) images and save them as tiff format.
The problem is that no matter the resolution I have taken my CR2 images, the bio-format plugin will open them with a resolution of 5184 x 3456 (17.9 Megapixel).
In the specific, I have some .CR2 pics with a low resolution of 2592 x 1728 (4.5 Megapixel) and some others with a medium resolution of 3888 x 2592 (10 Megapixel), but when I import them in imageJ with the “bio-format importer” they are both automatically opened with a resolution of 5184 x 3456… so much a bigger size than the original ones.

How can I prevent this issue? Where am I wrong?

I searched for this issue everywhere on the internet and on the forum, but I didn’t find an answer… it seems so strange that nobody has had the same problem before, so I start thinking that I am probably doing something wrong on ImageJ without being aware of that!

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully for your help!


Dear @MartaR,

welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Could you provide a CR2 file with lower resolution so that we can try to reproduce the issue? If it is not too big, you should be able to drag and drop it into your answer.


Hello @stelfrich,

thank you for your reply!
Unluckily I can’t upload a file here in the forum since I receive a message that new users cannot upload stuff.
So I uploaded on dropbox and here is the link, hope it works!

Looking forward to have some news!

It worked.

Since the CR2 format is based on TIFF, I took a look at the TIFF headers in the file:

TIFF Directory at offset 0x10 (16)
  Image Width: 5184 Image Length: 3456
  Resolution: 72, 72 pixels/inch

Actually the dimensions should be: 2592 x 1728,
please have a look to the image (now it seems I can already upload images here!)

I don’t see any obvious reason, so you should bring this to the attention of the Bio-Formats team:

If you do report this bug, provide the file as well, so that they can reproduce the issue. See also


Dear @stelfrich,

thank you for your help, at least now I know that is not my fault, but a bug of the plugin.
So the only thing I can do is to resize the image to the original size and then save it to the tiff format. I just hope that in this increase and decrease of dimensions I won’t lose some information.
I will speak with the bio-format team.