Bio-Format conversion : unexpected "inverting LUT" call


I produced zvi multichannel images from AxioVision software (Zeiss microscope). Upto now, I used only green and blue virtual colors attributed to 2 channels. Any of these images can be dragged in Fiji and Bio-format converts them right away.

First time I use the red virtual color for one of the channel in AxioVision : when I import images which include a red channel, via Bio-Format, about half of them have their red channel with “inverting LUT” state. Moreover this channel appears entirely black even if some pixels have non black values as shown in the Fiji status bar. The other half of produced converted images have their red channel normally displayed.

I tried to disable this “inverting LUT” state but the channel remained black. Finally I changed the default stack parameter in Bio-format plugin from Hyperstack to Standard ImageJ and the issue disappeared.

I suspect an issue in Bio-format plugin converting zvi images.

Can anybody reproduce this issue?

Thank you

Fiji 1.52o
Java version 8 update 211
Windows 8.1