BIII Bio Image Informatics Index would like to join community partner

Dear @team

BIII would like to join the forum as community partner. We are created under the NEUBIAS auspice and are a community -curated catalogue of bio image analysis software and workflows. In addition to the web page browsing, the database is completely accessible to anyone else using Json export
For example for searching: can also be returned and machine queried as
I need to underline here that we do not provide image analysis per se , but we provide information about where to find ressources for image analysis. A nice Fiji plugin has for example been created by @haesleinhuepf which allows to search in BIII directly from the search bar in Fiji, now integrated in scijava/scijava-search: Search framework for SciJava applications (
We have a github and a ticket system Issues · NEUBIAS/bise · GitHub , which aims to be rather bug related and for development purposes. We aim to use the forum for general comments, problem of access, know how, suggestions, etc…

We will add a Contact Us new page on the menu once we got your agreement in principle that will state:
For any generic concerns about the use of a tool that you have discover in, or for comments or concerns, or features requests about the website please visit and post in forum.
Developers of the website use the ticket system here , any concern that you post in could be translated as a ticket for implementation.

I ( @PerrineGilloteaux) and @Kota can be the BIII representation on the Community Forum Team, other volunteers from confirmed taggers welcome.

Here is our logo.



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You should be all set now. We are lucky to have you joining as a Community Partner! You have been added as a @team member (@kota was already).

As soon as you have updated your website - please send the link along. That would be great.

Also – let us know if you are happy with your logo/icon in the dropdown menu (both light and dark modes) and the side blurb I included for your tag.