BigWarp 7.0.0. release

Dear BigWarp friends and users,

A new major release of BigWarp is out today!

A big thank you to everyone who has helped and given feedback,

Full-fledged N5 / Zarr support

  • N5 / Zarr / HDF5/ Bdv-xml files can be opened directly from the plugin dialog
  • Transformed images can be saved directly to N5 / Zarr / HDF5
  • Displacement fields can be exported directly to N5 / Zarr / HDF5

Huge volumes in the cloud

Now easier thanks to n5 support!

  • Moving s3://janelia-cosem/jrc_cos7-11/jrc_cos7-11.n5
  • Moving dataset /em/fibsem-uint16
  • Target s3://janelia-cosem/jrc_cos7-11/jrc_cos7-11.n5
  • Target dataset /lm/mito_palm

Other new features

  • Help > Show source information displays metadata
  • Can specify landmarks file from initial plugin dialog.
  • Bigwarp remembers the last folderyou saved landmarks to
  • Landmarks can be automatically, periodically saved to a location of your choosing

Bug fixes

A bunch of them.


Any idea if anything was altered that could impact Registration of whole slide images at cellular resolution with Fiji and QuPath ?

Haven’t used it yet, and it doesn’t look like the listed changes would, just curious if @NicoKiaru was aware of the upcoming release.


I think the functionality that @NicoKiaru needs was mostly untouched, but if there are issues, I’m happy to help.

Thanks @Mike_Nelson for the poke.


@Mike_Nelson for the moment BigDataViewer-Playground is overidding the new BigWarp version, so the workflow will work. I’ll update it to be compatible with the new BigWarp asap.


The automatic landmark saving feature is great! Thanks for implementing that.

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