BigStitcher & Multiview Registration not parsing channels

Ever since the recent of update of BigStitcher, the software no longer parses my imaging channels. It reads everything as one channel. Has anyone else encountered this problem? My data were acquired with MicroManager in the OpenSPIM version of Fiji. Thanks.


I suppose this is likely an issue with #bio-formats, as both BigStitcher and Multiview Registration make use of Bio-Formats to read in data. Could it be that the behavior changed for you after the latest update of Bio-Formats?

It’s possible. I’m not sure when Bio-Formats was recently updated. Is a fix in process? Thank you.

Did you check how your image is displayed when you open it via Plugins > Bio-Formats > Bio-Formats Importer… (and whether this has changed compared to an older version)?

It would be good if you can upload a sample file that illustrates the issue you are seeing, to allow others to reproduce it. While the Bio-Formats team might see this post here on the forum (I tagged your post with #bio-formats), you might also want to report the bug on their channels to make sure they’re aware of it.