BigImageData compatible Fiji plugins

Hi All, @bogovicj @ctrueden

I am trying to compile a list of big image data compatible plugins in Fiji for a talk.

Could you help me?

  • BigDataViewer Tobias Pietzsch
  • LabKit, Matthias Arzt
  • BigStitcher Stephan Preibisch & David Hoerl
  • BigWarp John Bogovic, Stephan Saalfeld
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Paintera by @hanslovsky it’s not a Fiji plugin / but is for big (huge) images.

I would count TrakEM2 too - it does work for TB sized data sets, though it isn’t quite as scalable as the above.


Hey @Tischi,

are you just looking for interactive tools? If you consider workflow-tools for processing time lapse data 10-100 times faster than plain ImageJ, you might want to put CLIJ on your list. :wink:


Big image planes? Or large numbers of image planes? Or both?

Regardless, I don’t see this is a binary issue. Plugins have differing degrees of usability on data of various dimensions. For example, if a plugin is usable via Fiji’s batching approaches across large folders of images, is it “big data friendly”?

Good question. I could probably be more specific by saying: Tools that interactively allow you to visualize and process image data that does not fit into your computers RAM. Does that make more sense?