Bigdataviewer to import hyperstack (channel, slice, timepoints)

Hi, I am trying to use MamuTu to annotate my hyperstack including 2 channels, 100 slices and 8 timepoints. But got stuck with conversion to XML/HDF5 through Bigdataviewer.
It is not a light-sheet dataset. Anyone could help?
Here is the screen shot of how the dataset looks:

Did you try this


Thanks Christian! It works now, maybe something was not updated from my fiji. Not sure if I should post a separate thread, but it will be great if MamuT could add a 3D plotting function in their TrackScheme to allow users to have a brief view of spatial relationship between tracks. Now they have plot of x, y or z against t. To get 3d plot, the users have to export the data to matlab for 3d plotting. See blow.