BigDataViewer for multiple sources




@bogovicj, @tpietzsch

I would like to display multiple sources in the Bdv, just like in the example here:

However, one of my data sets is already stored as Bdv.xml files, because it is very big and I cannot load it into RAM, so I thought it is a good idea to store it in Bdv format.

Thus I am starting like this:

final String xmlFilename = "/Users/tischer/Desktop/tmp/em-raw-250nm.xml";
final SpimDataMinimal spimData = new XmlIoSpimDataMinimal().load( xmlFilename ); spimData );

This works nicely :slight_smile:

However, now I would like to add futher sources (channels) to this Bdv.
My problem is that spimData ) does not return a Bdv object in this case but a List< BdvStackSource< ? > > and I am frankly not sure how to go on from here.

As said the aim would be to add more channels, potentially also stored as a Bdv.xml, but maybe also just as a simple Tiff stacks, in which case i guess I could use ImageJFunctions.wrap.

I am not sure, but maybe another way to put my question could be how to convert the SpimDataMinimal object to a simple (one channel) Img such that I can use the same code as in the vistools example.


Take any of the BdvStackSource< ? > in the list. They implement the Bdv interface