Big Warp warning that dataset is not suited for interactive browsing


I am (very) new to ImageJ/FIJI and I was trying to use Big Warp on a pair of .png images I have. They are very simple two-dimensional images, 512x512, 1MB, RGB. After I select them as the moving and fixed images, I get the following warning in the console. The viewers do not display any images either, so I have no way of using the landmark tool.

Opening <SpimData> dataset that is not suited for interactive browsing.
Consider resaving as HDF5 for better performance.

Following the advice of the warning, I tried resaving as HDF5 (although I am, again, completely unfamiliar with the proper way to do this) but I did not get anywhere with that either.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

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Hi @AB862,

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It might be that it loaded your images with stupid choices for brighness / contrast. Try pressing S and changing the brightness settings.

You can safely ignore that warning.
(explanation below)


Longer answer:
That message is meant mostly for very large 3d data. The bigdataviewer-hdf5 format has multiple-scale levels built in. That enables fast loading of lower resolution / 2d subsets of data that make interactive browsing fast. For small- or medium- sized (or 2d) data, this is not really necessary.

I’ll try to suppress that warning when it’s not relevant.


Hi John,

Thank you so much for your reply. Changing the brightness did solve the problem.

Thanks again.

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