Big tiff file loading

Hi, there,
I have around 3GB immnohistochemistry tiff images (brightfield) and have tried to load but it has got error to load the image.
Would the cell profiler be manage to analyse this big size tiffs?
Thanks for your help,

In hwa

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Can you give us more information about the error message you’re getting, what OS and version of CP, etc? Thanks.

Dear Beth,

My computer is windows 7 and cell profiler version I use is 2.1.1.
After I drag the big tiff file then move to analysis module to run
something then it shows error as below.

This is 800mb image of bright field. I just wonder if I can get this
analysed in cell profiler.

In hwa

Hmm, not sure, it says the max limit is 2GB and yours is 0.8, but it seems clear that it’s a memory error. Try working on a computer with more memory or follow the link in that error message to see about breaking your images into smaller pieces.
Good luck!