"Big Image Data Systems Engineer" position at The Francis Crick Institute (London, UK)

"Big Image Data Systems Engineer" position @ The Francis Crick Institute

Dear all, we are looking for an enthusiastic and capable systems engineer to help us cope with the challenges of big image data across the Francis Crick Institute. One part of our approach will involve developing and administering our installation of OMERO.plus.

The job advert for the Big Image Data Systems Engineer role is now live on:
Vacancy ID : 014968
Closing Date : 18-Oct-2020

Apply here:


I am wondering if this is a full-time permanent post?
Also, can this be remote due to Covid-19?
thx e.-

Hi Keesh, I am not in HR, so what I say is neither official or certain, but is a shared role among Light Microscopy and IT, so there is certainly a part of working from home (like everybody of us is partly doing), but some presence on site is necessary. The new roles got funded in the past at least 3 years, with possible extension.
Thanks for your interest, please write to HR to get more info.