Big data viewer export - memory issues

Hi all,

I have some memory issues when exporting a tiff image stack to the big data viewer file format. I’m loading a 5.5GB tiff image stack of ~1400 images with 2000x2000 pixels in 8 bit grayscale. I tried different chunk sizes, automatically chosen and manually. Also only just one layer, only saving the original resolution, no lower levels for faster loading times.
I have 32GB memory and 32GB swap, it is enough to get to frame ~600/1400 before running out of memory.

Whats going on, why is it not cleaning up used memory automatically?

This should be fixed now. Could you update Fiji and try it again?

For explanation: The out-of-memory message is misleading. The actual bug (hopefully this was it) was that the exporter would create lots of threads and never kill them again. Eventually, no new threads can be created anymore, causing the apparent out-of-memory. This had been fixed in the bigdataviewer codebase for some time, but never made it to the Fiji update site. Now it should work.