BIAFLOWS Datasets contribution

This thread is used to collect suggestions for new annotated datasets to be included to BIAFLOWS. Please refer to BIAFLOWS call for contribution thread for details.



I just found this one: 3D-ZeF: A 3D Zebrafish Tracking Benchmark Dataset: RGB 3D multiple object tracking dataset

Also three 2D landmark detection datasets here with code: ** Landmark detection in 2D bioimages for geometric morphometrics: a multi-resolution tree-based approach**


I’d like to contribute with a set of manually annotated small extracellular vesicles in 2D Transmission Electron Microscopy (2D) images. The annotations are for instance segmentation.

The dataset is provided at the CBIA of Massaryk University ( and described at:

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I’d like to make a contribution with a set of manually annotated images of leukocytes during two stages of adhesion in 2D flow assays. The original image processing workflow was designed for spot/object counting with object segmentation still in development.

The dataset will be made available at the following GitLab: spillf-leukocytes-image-analysis / CASTLE and is described in: Gilbert et al., CASTLE: cell adhesion with supervised training and learning environment. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 424002, (2020).