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Congratulations @Sebastien and @maree for your work on #biaflows! :tada:

In order to join as a “Community Partner”, you’d need to:

  • link to as a primary discussion forum somewhere from your project website/ the biaflows user guide
  • elect an individual as an active representative on the Community Forum Team (I guess we can also add both of you)
  • upload the #biaflows logo here (maybe in both light background and dark background versions), to this topic or into forum and software partner logos.

See also the FAQ: What is the process to become a Community Partner?


Hi Jan,

Thanks to welcome BIAFLOWS as a Community Partner! I confirm that we will use as our primary discussion forum (we will link the forum straight away from our documentation portal as soon as it is opened). Please add both of us as active representatives of the community forum team, and please find attached BIAFLOWS logo (at the moment white background only).


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I can add you… do you have a dark logo?

BIAFLOWS has been added as a CP. And you and @maree are both part of the Community Forum Team (@team). You can check the dark view and see if you like the logo as-is.

As soon as you are able - please update your user guide to point to the forum for support.


Thanks! As it is, the logo looks really squashed. Please use this square logo instead (first image). I also upload a simplified logo with transparent background (second image).


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Do you want the second logo for the dark? I think the small, square works well… you let me know.

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I agree, the small, square works well. Please leave it as it is. Thanks!

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I added the link to the forum to our main documentation portal:
Is there a way to link this URL from BIAFLOWS forum?


Outside of a post/thread… no. If you check all other Community Partners - clicking logos at the top links to their tag here on the forum. Unless @admins have another idea for this?

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I installed the theme component called Discourse Tag Sidebars so that we can make a topic for each community partner, and that topic will appear as a right-hand sidebar when browsing the associated tag. :sunglasses:

I made a new category “Community Partners” where we can include these topics (please name them like “Tag sidebar: Whizbang” where “Whizbang” is your project’s name). I did one for ImageJ, which you can see in action by visiting here:

Check the right-hand side of the topics list, and you should see the new sidebar describing what ImageJ is.

@team: let’s add the creation of such a topic to the list of steps we follow whenever a new community partner joins. To associate the newly created description topic with the correct tag as a sidebar, visit our discourse-tag-sidebars configuration page and add it to the setup under Theme Settings. You should also close the topic so that no one replies to it—the purpose is merely to describe each community partner. (These topics can still be edited even after being closed.)

Cheers! :beers:

P.S. There is one small hiccup: right now you have to use the path rather than due to a bug in the theme component—hopefully resolved soon.


Thanks, @Sebastien, for creating the Tag sidebar post for #biaflows!

I added it to the theme settings as per these instructions by @ctrueden, so it now shows up at:

However, the description is a bit long, so it renders with a scroll bar. You might want to shorten it a little.


Thanks Jan! Following your advise I considerably shortened the description, please update the sidebar.

It didn’t get updated because you added a new post instead of editing your original Tag sidebar: BIAFLOWS topic. I now edited the first post, and the shortened version is showing up.


Sorry about this Jan. Thanks!

Hi Jan, I further shortened the text. I am now confident it will fit without scroll bar.

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