BGP file format

Hi all,

Is there any java port of BGP, or at least a java jni wrapper for existing open source C libraries?

I am interested in encoding/decoding performance comparison with JPEG.

Accoding to its creator: “High compression ratio. Files are much smaller than JPEG for similar quality.”

Thanks for any hints.


Looks like a cool file format. One intriguing thing is the JavaScript decoder… perhaps we could harness that in ImageJ by invoking it as a JavaScript script? Hacky, but might be very little effort to get working.

The issue here is that BPG can harness hardware acceleration, like JPEG, which is what makes JPEG and now BPG so appealing.

Looks like they are working on it in Apache Tika.

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Do we really have to care about lossy image-compression for scientific image processing and analysis. (OK, they say that there is a lossless option, but JEPG provides it too and nobody uses it…)

BTW, looks as if this was crossposted to the IJ-list.

Best Herbie

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Herbie: lots of genuine uses of JPEG. Just not for bioimage quantification.

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@ctrueden Looks like the BGP format is now supported in Apache Tika according to the latest news in your link.

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Dear Albert,

I wrote

[…] for scientific image processing and analysis.

and I’m still convinced that ImageJ was conceived for this purpose – no?