Bfconvert: TIFF or BigTIFF

It seems bfconvert automatically switches from TIFF to BigTIFF output depending on the image dimensions (?). Can I force it to stay with TIFF? I’m aware of 4 GB file size limit.

If the number of bytes needed to store the planes’ uncompressed pixel data is nearly 4GB or if you use a file extension like .tf2 or .btf then the conversion will automatically target BigTIFF and cannot be overridden. Does it seem as if either of this criteria apply? If it’s a problem, could you explain a bit more about why?

This one triggers the switch, thank you for the explanation.

It’s not a problem, it’s more like a nice to have feature I guess :slight_smile: I have a script converting images in a folder to TIFF format. Some of them end up as TIFFs, others as BigTIFFs. The resulting BigTIFFs are far below 4 GB limit (around 1GB) so they don’t have to be BigTIFFs. TIFF is more recognized file format than BigTIFF, so I would prefer to stay with TIFF whenever possible.

I understand, definitely a “nice to have” but I’ll pass it along to the wider Bio-Formats team anyway. In the meantime it’s probably not that difficult a change to ImageConverter, *TiffWriter, etc. so if you wanted to try adjusting this yourself to get it fixed sooner rather than later then of course we’d be happy to review your code contribution on GitHub.