Bfconvert SVS to TIFF reopen bug

I’m trying to extract a TIFF from SVS and it seems I have experienced something resembling this one:
The input file:
The output file:

The command:
D:\bftools>bfconvert.bat -series 0 -bigtiff -compression LZW d:\tmp\3931.svs d:\tmp\bftools\3931.tif
SVSReader initializing d:\tmp\3931.svs
Reading IFDs
Populating metadata
Populating OME metadata
[Aperio SVS] -> d:\tmp\bftools\3931.tif [Tagged Image File Format]
Tile size = 240 x 240

  •    Converted 1/1 planes (100%)*

883.859s elapsed (142.0+882632.0ms per plane, 1075ms overhead)

The output file is corrupted:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @darwinjob. Welcome to!

What version of Bio-Formats are you using? i.e. what does bfconvert.bat -version show?


Ops, sorry, I should provide this info in the first place.
Version: 6.1.0
Build date: 17 May 2019
VCS revision: a28a7cb6e7aa07862dc5a788720ff8032a51fd2e
Windows 7 64bit.

The same story is for MacOS (Mac Pro, latest OS).

PS. The output image is grayscale and the tiles seem to be rotated…

Hi @darwinjob, I tried converting the original image using the same command and it appears to open fine in FIJI. Do you only see the corruption in GIMP?

Does it display correctly if you use the showinf command line tool?