`bfconvert` option to create subfolders during conversion?


I’ll phrase this as a question but it is probably more of a feature request.

I often use the bioformats commandline tools to split/convert images from a range of microscopes into individual .tif-slices before running my own python scripts or Cellprofiler pipelines on those slices.

As an example, this would split a large lif files from a multi-position, time-lapse experiment into many individual tif files.

bfconvert some_large_.lif  "/scratch/im_W%s_T%t_C%c.tif"

This works fine, but working with folders that contain many thousands of images
becomes unwieldy, especially on network shares.

If I use the following command, the output will be correctly placed into subfolders well_W%s, provided these folders already exist when I call the command.

bfconvert some_large_.lif  "/scratch/well_W%s/im_W%s_T%t_C%c.tif"

Is there a bfconvert option that will create any subfolders in the output path if necessary?

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Im afraid there is no such option at the moment but it certainly seems like it would be useful.

I have opened a Trello card on the Bio-Formats inbox to log this as a feature request: https://trello.com/c/zxnORoSU/380-bfconvert-create-subfolders

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Thanks a lot, it would be super-useful to have this.