Bezier Curve Issues

I am trying to measure the number of pixels along a curve. Something happened where my Bezier curve tool no longer lets me draw it (say command requires a selection) or measure. I’m sure it is something simple I am doing wrong, has anyone else had this problem and knows how to fix it?

Welcome to the forum, @Keenerintac!

I assume you mean this plugin by Berin Martini? After dropping bezier_tool.jar into my plugins folder, it works for me as expected:

A single clicking anywhere on the image outside the control points will convert the bezier curve into a line selection.

It’s not possible to draw and measure while creating the bezier curve, but after clicking anywhere on the image, I have a valid line selection that a can draw D or measure M.

What version of ImageJ are you running?

That is what I needed, I wasn’t clicking anywhere on the image after.

Thank you