Better explanations of parameters

Hi all,

I am a biologist, struggling my way through scripting. What is the most frustrating when I need image analysis is that I do not understand what each parameter in a command/function/plugin do and if that is what I need.

For example, I am trying to register histological sections with Register Virtual Stack Slices (because each image is a large file so I thought a virtual stack would be good), but what do I select for Feature extraction model and Registration Model? The “user manual” is quite useless, it tells to pick one. Thanks -_- It is like that for most of the wiki pages.

Ideally, we would need an explanation of what to expect for each option, so that users can have a best guess at which one to use.

Please do let me know if I am missing something, seems weird no one already “complained” about this

And BIG THANKS for all the software and community support!