Best way of working with two images from the same file with different bitsizes

I’m trying to create a scifio format and am unsure the best way to integrate it with ImageJ/Fiji. I tried searching this forum and the tutorial but thought it might be better to just ask.

I was thinking about using slices with the z axis, but is that possible with two images of different bitsize? Alternatively, I couldn’t get ImageJ to properly display the two images if I were to create two ImageMetadata objects and populate them. It seems to only open one image index. Is there a way of opening all the image indexes? We also tried an image sequence with two copies of the file, but ImageJ is only opening image index 0 twice still.

Here is the format we were working on for reference:

I’m very new to these libraries so any help or tidbits of knowledge including how ImageJ is making method calls or other functionality would be appreciated. Thanks!