Best current cameras for OpenSPIM setup

Planning to build a light sheet system and wondering what the current state of cameras is. The OpenSPIM website lists the Hammatsu ORCA flash 4.0 LT, Andor Zyla, 5.5 or 4.2, and 4.2 as options. These are still good cameras, but is there anything newer worth looking at. What about the ORCA flash 4.0 v3, Photometrics (prime BSI, 95b, or iris 15), and pco.panda (multiple models). In particular, several of these are backside illumination so offer better QE, with the only drawback I can see of slightly higher dark current, which I don’t think should be a huge issue.

Also, I haven’t figured out exactly if global shutter is valuable for light sheet or not. Any thoughts? What about speed as well. Many manufactures are pushing USB 3 versions of their cameras which are cheaper, but max out at 40fps full res. They usually offer a camera link version that goes up to 100fps. I’m still figuring out if this is worth it scientifically for me, but are there other issues that might be a problem, like controlling hardware at the additional speed?

Thanks for any comments

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