Bending detection

i am trying to detect the “curving” of an image.
The idea is to find a metric which allows me to differentiate the 5 image below

1 is no bent whereas image 5 is artificially bent.
Do you know a specific tool useful in this case? i tried to used the bounding rectangle, fit ellipse or shape descriptor outputs but nothing seems very accurate.

Hi @Alban_Favre

Would you be able to post an original image here? That would be most helpful to get started helping you…

Once you have each individual object selected as a ROI (using ROI Manager) … can you use the built-in measurements of ImageJ such as perimeter, bounding rectangle, feret’s diameter… ??


Good day Alban,

one problem I see is that the bended structure results in two different radii of curvature. Which one is of interest,

Top curvature?
Bottom curvature?
Mean curvature?

Furthermore, the thickness of the structure appears to be increasing with bending. Is thickness relevant?



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Hi all and thank you for your feedback.
Since my last post i investigated a bit more the built-in measurements of ImageJ and I found that the solidity and the convexity ( in the shape filter pugin) can do the job.
Thanks anyway