Behaviour of Auto contrast button in images


I am running a course right now and we found inconsistent behaviour of the [ Auto ] button in Adjust Brightness & Contrast. For some, it changed the percentile of saturated pixels when clicking multiple times, for others it did not. Could it be that this depends on the version of ImageJ or Fiji or even the OS?

cc @Christian_Tischer, @imagejan, @ctrueden

ImageJ 1.51e through 1.51p had a bug where multiple Auto clicks did not narrow the B&C range. From the 1.51q release notes:

Fixed a 1.51e regression that caused the “Auto” buttion in the Brightness/Contrast dialog to not increase contrast with repeated clicks.

I vaguely recall there being a mailing list or forum topic about it at the time, but could not immediately find it in a couple minutes of searching.

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