Behavior classification walk ,trot and canter [suggestions]

Hi , I have managed to extracted poses data in a csv file from the software package. I was interested to know how can one do gait classification . I am looking into how to differentiate walk , trot and canter . I am looking into pose data from horses.

Has any one done something similar in this regards ? Any tips , resources , other SW modules would be highly appreciated to help build such a classifier .


At the moment I think you can try to use Simba (not sure how hard it is to use on non rodents) or VAME - an unsupervised classifier. But maybe it’s more obvious and you can just go with something like time series analysis based on change in angle between joints (less fancy way of doing what those mentioned above would do)

Thanks konrad, I dont really want to have VAME or SIMBA , I was wondering if it was possible to get some kind of threshold and was wondering if there was some one who had already looked into the problem statement.