Before Posting: Tips

  • Use the Search function (magnifying glass at the upper-right corner) to see if other users have asked the same question and received an answer
  • Browse the FAQ
  • If you create a new topic, please attach to your post:
  • A description of the phenotype of interest, i.e, the cellular image features that you are looking for. Not all of your readers will be fluent in the details of your biological system or assay. A basic, novice-level description goes a long way to making sure that others understand your goals.
  • At least one sample image (or set of images that comprise a minimal data set). Better yet, an example of both a positive and a negative control.
  • A CellProfiler pipeline (i.e. a *.cppipe file). At least make an attempt!
  • Note that a CellProfiler Project file (*.cpproj) contains an image list, however unless they point to world-accessible files (e.g. URLs) then you will also need to attach the image sets separately.