Becoming a Community Partner


Dear Team,

We are interested to join this forum as a Community Partner with CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad apps. CoLocalizer apps are well known commercial software packages to analyze colocalization in fluorescence images on Macs and iPads.

We agree with the current guidelines for becoming a Community Partner:

  • we are ready to provide links to the documentation explaining how users should seek support and/or discussion,

  • we have no intention to promote additional, separate, project-specific discussion channels more prominently than this forum,

  • we will elect an individual as an active representative on the Community Forum Team

Looking forward to hear from you,

Vadim Zinchuk and CoLocalizer Team


Is your software Open Source?





No, that’s why we described it as “commercial software package” in the post.

Best wishes,



Commercial and Open Source are not the same.

AFAIK, you need to promote Open Source software to become a Community Partner of this Forum.





It was my understanding that it includes any and all kinds of software as long is it is helpful to the community:

“Each Community Partner appears in the top navigation with logo and link to its associated tag feed. Discussion of any and all scientific image software tools is warmly welcomed, but only those using the forum as a primary recommended discussion channel will be included in the navigation bar.”

Best wishes,




this question hasn’t been resolved in the last discussion on this topic that I remember but appears to be now resolved by the following statement:

Which icons appear in the top navigation bar?

A Community Partner is an open-source software project or other community organization that uses this forum as a primary recommended discussion channel. [etc.]

Whatever an “other community organization” may be.

I still vote that Community Partners should be limited to those promoting open-source software.





I do not mind. I just thought it will be useful to the users.

Best wishes,


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I am sorry to say that we cannot include CoLocalizer as an official Community Partner on this forum. The definition of a Community Partner in the FAQ states:

Perhaps our language is still not clear (I edited it now)… but we only accept open source projects as Community Partners.

We have no issues with your group participating on the forum - as long as discussions follow guidelines set in our FAQ regarding close-sourced/commercial software:

Many thanks!