Batik library removed by FIJI update (java 1.6 FIJI)

Dear FIJI community,

I have noticed that the batik library is being removed by the FIJI update but only when FIJI ships with JDK/JRE 6. However Batik is installed properly on all recent versions of FIJI (that embed JDK 8). Is that intended or a bug ?

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@baigouy As explained in the posted that @kephale linked, we needed to remove the batik uber-JAR from the Fiji update site for technical reasons. You can get it back by enabling the Fiji-Legacy update site.

The rule of thumb is now:

  • To run a Fiji with Java 8, use the Java-8 update site.
  • To run a Fiji with Java 6, use the Fiji-Legacy update site.

If you have neither site enabled, a few things will no longer be available.

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understood, indeed ‘FIJI-legacy’ wasn’t enabled by default on my FIJI java 6 (‘Java-8’ is however enabled by default on my FIJI java 8). May I suggest, however, that if FIJI-legacy is really meant to be enabled on java 6 running systems for FIJI to work optimally, that the FIJI updater (when it detects a 1.6 JRE) force enables the FIJI-legacy update site on systems where it is not enabled (which is most likely the case of most old workstations) ? Anyway I got it, so thanks a lot for your answers and I let you decide what’s best.

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