i am trying to run on our linux cluster, but there are a few things that i do not understand:

to start with, the following two commands in the file produce errors
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT
from import loadmat

i guess, i have to adapt them somehow? it also seems that there should be a “loadmat” function installed somewhere, or?!

best wishes,


found one answer myself :smiley:

had to install the phyton library “scipy”

btw: the command “loadmat” is now in “”


Yes, glad you figured that out. You need to install a few python modules, like scipy, before you run this script. The subprocess module is another. Try typing
at the python command line to see a list of your installed modules.

Thanks for the tip on ‘loadmat’, we’ll check that out. But it works as-is for our installed versions.