Batch processing in Trackmate

Dear @tinevez,

Is there a way to do batch processing of images in Trackmate?
I have a lot of images stacks, with each individual image stack consisting of 8000 frames. At the moment, I am analyzing individual image stacks, processing them, and then saving them and then moving to the next image stack. Again @trackmate designed buy you is amazing and quite fast, but due to a large amount of data, this is consuming a lot of time.
Is there a way for batch processing that already redirects to the input folder containing all different images stacks and process them with the same parameters and then save all the analysis files and tracks_XML file in the output folder for an individual image stack?
Kind regards,

Hello @Hiteshika

The only way right now is to rely on scripting to do so.
You will have to adapt for instance the Jython script here:

so that it can process a batch of files.