Batch measuring area and lengths of curves

I’m wondering whether it would be possible to use cellprofiler, icy, MorphoLibJ, or other some other software / plugin to measure the length of red line (in mm), all the black curves (in mm), and the area of the blue shape (in square mm), standardized to the length of the green scale bar (1 mm).

If it would be possible to automatically get these measurements for batches of images, that would be ideal. I could use different colors if that would make this task easier.

Thank you very much for any feedback that you can provide.

Hi @moerarchis
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Image J made these measurements. You should read this:

The “imageJ” site : //

To learn how to build macros:: //
Guide: //
For the ribs of the wings you could use the Plug In: Ridges detection

A nice series of courses are available here:

And of course there is the forum search engine.
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