Batch export values from "Plot Profile" line scan tif

Hi there!

I have a directory with 250 line scan plots taken with Plot Profile saved as .tif. I would like to batch process them to export the list of values from each as .csv or .txt. I’ve found some macros written by others that export values directly from the drawn line bypassing the “Plot Profile” image, using getProfile(). Since I already have the plot images but not the original lines from which the plots were generated, is there any way to automatically get the values from the plot image? I’m attaching an image of a plot image and the values table (produced by clicking the bottom left “List” button). I’d like to avoid having to re-draw the line scans if at all possible.

Any help much appreciated!

Hi @MMirvis,

I think this macro function could be what you are looking for:

" Plot.getValues(xpoints, ypoints);
Returns the values displayed by clicking on “List” in a plot or histogram window"