Batch export of annotation measurements

Is there a way by which I can do a batch export of the annotation measurements for a project? I was looking through sample scripts and there is an example that shows how to export TMA data. Its not clear the format or the file name to which the results are being stored.

I have a project containing 20+ images for which I need to export the results (H-score, %positivity, the number of 0, 1+. 2+ and 3+ cells). Doing this one image at a time is tedious. It would really help if there is an easy/automated way to export all the annotation measurement results.


Yep, here and here.

Note that the first script should be appended to your script you run on every image, or in some other way run it on every image. The second script is only run once, and doesn’t require an image.

Thanks! The scripts did the job.

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