Basler acA-2040-90um micro-manager compatibiliity

Hi All,

I have a question regarding micro-manager. We recently got a Basler acA-2040-90um and I wanted to control it via micro-manger. However, following the instructions from their website (Can I use the µManager (Micro-Manager) open source software with Basler cameras?) it did not work.
-I can access the camera via Basler pylon 6 software (image1)
-The .dll file for Basler.pylon is present in the micro-manager (most recent gamma version) (image2)
-The Basler configuration is not available in the Hardware Configuration Wizard (image3)

Does aonyone know how to fix this problem? ( I have very little coding experience)
Thanks in advance

HI ,

it seems to be the pylon version does not match the device DLL.

I assume you need to install pylon 6.1

if you wanted to use the latest pylon version 6.2 then you this dll.


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I tested it today and it works perfectly,
Thank you very much!

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Thank for the feedback.