Basic cell imaging help needed



Hello, I am currently researching neuronal cells. I have flourescent images taken of neuronal cells lines, and I was hoping to obtain information through a computation analysis that would find the number of neurites per cell and the length of the neurites. I was wondering if this would be possible through cell profiler, I have been working with the software for about two months now, however, I have not been able to successfully automate anything beyond counting the number of nuclei. If anyone could give any help, that would be great, thanks.


I have been addressing a very similar project some weeks ago.

Definitely doable with Cell Profiler!


Hi Aaron,

Could you be more specific about what is not working correctly? Are you having a problem with IdentifySecondary?




JGoni, would you be able to donate a pipeline for this task? We could post it on the CellProfiler Examples website.